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We bridge relations between vendors and their customers. When business is all about relationship, which always impregnate an opportunity, INSTER catalyzes the growth of relationship from an opportunity and vice versa.In a world where technology supersedes and eliminates even the faintest whiff of traditional concepts, INSTER offers the technological bridging between a vendor and their customers that can lead to billions of mutual connections – All within the simplicity of a click.

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Picture of COVI-SMELL Checker Kit

COVI-SMELL Checker Kit

COVI-SMELL: COVID-19 Anosmia Checker is a quantitative screening tool for COVID-19 related olfactory dysfunction or altered smell perception. This kit can be used for first-line screening to trace out COVID-19 infection effectively. No special training is required to use this tool. Results can be interpreted using downloadable INSTER-COVI-SMELL: COVID-19 Anosmia Checker Application in your mobile phone or desktop computer. For more details refer the product details below.
₹ 99.00